pronounced as patter /ˈpatə/
Deploy your application in 60 seconds.
An easy-to-use cloud platform to deploy static sites,
web apps, databases, containers & more.

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PATR - Deploy your web application in 60 seconds | Product Hunt
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Build, deploy and host anything with a Dockerfile.
Step 1
Import your code
Import any Git Repository, a zip file or your docker image and get your project up and running with just a couple of clicks.
Step 2
Run your Docker Containers
Use our handy CLI to automatically tag your docker images and push them to our secure, private docker registry.
Step 3
Deploy, Scale and Monitor
Choose how you want to scale, set your limits and we will take care of the rest! Your deployment will be automatically scaled as per your constraints.
Get set for a smooth ride after deploying your code!
try patr FOR FREE
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What can you build with Patr?
Improve efficiency by adding
background workers
Add automation via APIs
Static Sites
Create websites that are fast,
secure, and hugely scalable
Web Apps
Build dynamic apps in popular
languages like Python, Node.js
Managed URLs
Connect, update & manage domains
right from the dashboard
DDoS Protection
Resilience against Distributed
DoS Attacks
Patr works with every framework you love!
Here's what you get with Patr!
Automatically scale your containers
Seamlessly setup your static sites
Add Multiple Machine Types
Set Alerts and know exactly what is happening
try patr FOR FREE
No Credit Card Required
Here’s what our users have to say!
" This is a great abstraction that provides me multi-cloud capability"
CTO, Zepp
" I love that you thought of making the pricing simple. Everybody knows figuring out your AWS bill is a nightmare."
Devops Engineer, Jumbotail
"People who don’t have a solid Devops background could end up using this. Interacting with the big names is overwhelming."
Head of Engineering, Cleanslate Technologies
"We definitely don’t want to do much devops - so this makes so much sense."
CTO, Winuall
"Offers easy and efficient scalability, without extensive knowledge of DevOps"
Senior DevOps engineer, MishiPay
"Super simplified single-click deployment process"
Senior DevOps Engineer, Lincode
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