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Simple, Predictable Pricing

Every Patr user gets the following features for



Lightning fast CDN

Free DDoS protection

Unlimited Collaborators

Unlimited inbound network bandwidth

Builtin CI/CD

Automatic HTTPS/SSL

Custom Docker containers

Deploy from any Github repo

Infinite outbound network bandwidth

Instant support over chat

Choose the resources you need


Starting at $0/month

Deploy and scale web applications, microservices and websites with ease and complete flexibility on Patr.


Starting at $15/month

Patr offers you managed databases to store and retrieve data with high scalability, reliability, and security.

Static Sites

Starting at $0/month

Now deploy and host static websites with a single-click, without the need for complex setup and management.

Container Registry

Starting at $0/month

Patr provides a secure container registry to store and manage Docker images for easy deployment and scaling.


Starting at $0/month

With Patr easily manage and configure custom domains for your applications hosted on the platform.

Managed URLs

Starting at $0/month

Redirect, proxy or point your Domain URLs to any resource within Patr, or even external resources.


Starting at $0/month

Use Patr's secure Vault to manage sensitive information such as API keys, passwords, and certificates.


Early Access

Create and configure CI/CD pipelines using Patr's unique drag-and-drop builder.

BYOC(Bring Your Own Cloud)

Early Access

With BYOC (Bring your own Cloud) host your deployments and applications on a cloud provider of your choice.

Enterprise Ready

  • Custom deployment options
  • Migration services
  • Customized billing plans
  • Uptime SLA
  • Architecture review
  • Enterprise support
  • Host on your personal (AWS/Azure/GCP/DigitalOcean) account
  • Compliance and Data Processing Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the credits ever expire?

No. The credits associated with your Patr account will never expire and are all yours forever!

Where can I view my remaining credits?

The remaining credits associated with your account are visible at the bottom left corner of the application.

What kind of support does Patr offer?

Patr offers instant and free support to all users. Drop a message stating your query/concern on the chatbot, visible on the bottom left corner of the application and Patr's VP of Engineering will personally ensure that your query is resolved.

Are the different categories (Developer, Startup, Growth and Custom) fixed tiers?

The different categories (Developer, Startup, Growth and Custom) have been curated to provide you with an easy estimation of what your monthly pricing could be. For example: If you're a Developer, we assume all your resources created would consume about $35.

If I consume lesser credits than I've paid for, do the remaining credits get carried forward?

Yes. Patr charges you only for what you consume. For example, if you select [1 GB RAM 1 CPU, $5], but consume it only for 360 hrs out of the 720 billable hours/month; you'll be only charged $2.5. This applies to every instance that's created.

Do the free resources allotted have an expiry?

No, all the free resources allotted, don't have a limited duration for usage. They get exhausted depending on consumption but never expire.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Patr accepts all major credit and debit cards. You can be rest assured that your payment info is saved and processed safely by an industry-standard provider.

When will I be charged?

You'll be charged on the last day of every month.

What if I don't add my card details?

If you don't add your card details, you won't be able to create a paid resource on Patr.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all payment methods supported by Stripe including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

What happens when I run out of credits?

Once your credits get exhausted, you'll be charged the balance amount on your card.

Where do I see my current usage?

You can view your current usage under the bill breakdown in the Billing section .

How does Patr calculate usage?

Patr charges you for the resources you use, billed by the hour.

We charge only a maximum of 720 Billable hours a month.

For example:

If you select [1 GB RAM 1 CPU, $5], but consume it only for 360 hrs out of the 720 billable hours/month; you'll be only charged $2.5. This applies to every instance that's created.

Note: During intervals of upscale/downscale, the corresponding resource chosen, will get billed for the no. of hours multiplied by the price of the resource scaled.

What currency will I be charged in?

Patr uses the USD as the standard currency to charge all users. However Indian customers are charged in INR.

I deleted my resource, why is it still showing in my bill?

Your bill will consist of all resources that were created in your account and respective workspaces for that month. The amount charged for the deleted resource will be corresponding to the time it was running on Patr.

How much will I be charged for Regions & CI?

As of now we don't charge for the usage of Regions & CI/CD, as these features are in Beta.

Will I be charged if I have credits?

Your due amount will initally be deducted from your credits and the remaining amount will be charged to your card. For example, if your your Total Bill amounts to $50 and you've credits worth $30; your card will be charged a total of $20 after deducting the $30 from your credits.